Madison County


The information section provides the reader with…
… our approach to the appraisal process for both bare land appraisals and those with buildings.
… information where one can access reliable soil data.
…how to approach an administrative review of an appraisal.
…an acceptable administrative review form.  


We hope the reader finds this information useful. Upon request, we can supply prospective clients with example appraisals.


Two Types of Appraisal Reviews:

All State Certified appraisers must comply with all of the standards of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). The majority of the assignments involve meeting the appraisal requirements of Standard 1 and the reporting standards of Standard 2. The review standards are found under Standard 3 of USPAP.

Administrative Reviews. These reviews of an appraisal that are performed by the clients or users of the appraisal as a “due diligence” function of their business.

Technical Reviews. These are more detailed reviews of an appraisal that are performed by another appraiser as to whether the analysis, opinions, and conclusions of the appraisal meet USPAP.