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The first part of this tab is a 2011 USDA report on land prices throughout the United States. How things have changed! In the future, we will supplement this data with other reports and information on agriculture land prices.


Enclosed is a link to “101 Development Resources, Inc”, a company owned by  Darin Haslip. They provide building inspectors that are qualified and experienced at  commercial as well as residential building inspections. Except for electrical codes, Minnesota generally exempts agriculture buildings from building codes.  Since many rural areas do not have building inspections, the 101 Development Resources site is a good source for proper building techniques. When you link to this site, you can communicate directly with Darin, read related construction brochures, or access the State Building Code.


The Farm Service Agency has become an important source of help for  local banks with their larger or riskier credit lines. Some financial institutions or individuals have found it economical and prudent to hire private professionals who are qualified and experienced at packaging FSA guarantee loans. We provide you with a list of qualified and experienced loan packaging professionals.


Many different factors can affect land productivity and land values. These include local grain prices and various weather related factors. A link is provided to a local Coop’s website. As it takes the basis into consideration, this site readily allows the reader to see local and not just Chicago grain prices. There also is weather related data with charts on drought, recent precipitation, typical rainfall, and growing degree days.


Loan Packaging Specialist

Many financial institutions have found it beneficial to contract with a loan packaging specialist to help with their guaranteed FSA loans. These specialists help relieve the institution’s work load and are knowledgeable of the FSA rules and requirements. I recommend Bruce Henry. The following is his contact information:

R. Bruce Henry
Alliance Agri Services
P.O. Box 69
Austin, MN 55912